The Heart Failure Society of America-Asia Pacific Advanced Heart Failure Forum (HFSA-APAHFF) 2022 invites researchers to submit abstracts for possible publication journal as part of conference proceedings. The meeting will feature exciting talks, discussions, roundtables with experts, researchers, and leaders in the field of advanced heart failure in key areas. This is an important opportunity to share your research with colleagues and potential collaborators.

We welcome abstracts related to the field of heart failure and cardiogeriatrics. Investigators at all career stages are encouraged to submit an abstract. Abstracts will be peer reviewed, and acceptance will be based on content, available space, and overall balance of the programme. Pending further arrangements with the publisher.


Step One: Complete the registration form here.

Step Two: Submit your registration form with your abstract to


Abstracts should be comprised of:
1. Title.
2. Author names: First name(s) and last name(s). Full names are preferred.
3. Affiliation, including city and country, of each author. Author affiliations should be indicated by superscript numbers, e.g. F Wong1, J Smith2, Y Tian3. 1The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China; 2University of Oxford, England, UK; 3Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Beijing, PR China.
The abstract should not exceed 200 words. A maximum of 5 references are accepted.


If the presenter of the abstract needs to be highlighted, please insert an asterisk next to their name and specify this below the abstract.
The body of the abstract can be either structured or unstructured.
Any abbreviations should be defined where first mentioned.
Up to 1 figure (minimum resolution of 300 dpi) or 1 table is accepted.
Files should be saved in the MS Word format.
The HFSA-APAHFF Scientific Committee reserves the right to abstract acceptance requirements and decisions pertaining to all aspects of publication. Requirements and decisions may be subject to change without prior notice. HFSA-APAHFF are not responsible or liable for any data presented in abstracts and presentations, including treatment, patient management, drug dosage, technique and methodology. The accuracy of data and the contents of abstracts and presentations are the responsibility of the author(s).
Submit the completed abstract by e-mail to: