Division of Respiratory Medicine

We have strong commitments in providing excellent clinical service and teaching of respiratory diseases, in addition to conducting research in the areas of obstructive sleep apnoea, asthma, pneumococcal bacteremia and penicillin resistance, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and respiratory failure.

Head of Division (Academic Affairs)
Prof. David SC Hui, Stanley Ho Professor of Respiratory Medicine

(Clinical Service)
Dr. Fanny WS Ko, Consultant
Academic Staff Prof. David SC Hui, Stanley Ho Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Prof. Ken KP Chan, Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Clinical Staff Dr. Fanny WS Ko, Consultant
Dr. Jenny CL Ngai, Associate Consultant
Dr. Kin-Wang To, Associate Consultant
Dr. Wing-Ho Yip, Associate Consultant
Honorary Teaching Staff Dr. Christopher KW Lai, Honorary Clinical Professor
Dr. Joseph CK Pang, Clinical Associate Professor (honorary)
Dr. Thomas YW Mok, Clinical Associate Professor (honorary)
Dr. Wai-Cho Yu, Clinical Associate Professor (honorary)
Dr. Kam-Shing Lau, Clinical Associate Professor (honorary)
Dr. Susanna SS Ng, Clinical Associate Professor (honorary)
Nursing Staff Fanny PY Chan
Natalie HY Chan
Cynthia HM Ho
Mickey MY Leung
Research Staff Tat-On Chan
Rita WL Cheung
Jojo HY Chu
Karen YS Yiu

Research Interests

  • Sleep related breathing disorders: epidemiology and treatment with nasal CPAP on compliance, cardiovascular outcome, and health status
  • Infection control and safety of respiratory therapy in the post-SARS era
  • Clinical management of emerging respiratory infections
  • The epidemiology and mechanisms of asthma, allergy, and COPD

Selected Publications

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