Welcome to the Asia Pacific Advanced Heart Failure Forum

Evolving with advances in research, knowledge creation and medical education, APAHFF 2019 will again bring exciting and important contents related to advanced heart failure and debilitating cardiovascular diseases. The meeting will continue to be multi-disciplinary and we hope learners at different levels will find their experience rewarding, particularly from the roundtable discussions that we are introducing this year.

The rapidly ageing Asian population and the increasing incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Asia have prompted us to newly create for this year’s APAHFF two focused topical sessions, Diabetes & The Heart, and Kidneys & The Heart. Leveraging the strengths of diabetes and renal disease research and education in this geographical region, we have invited leaders in these fields to deliver presentations and hold roundtable discussions with cardiologists, geriatricians and other health professionals. APAHFF continues to attract leading professionals and presenters to provide the latest on advanced heart failure management, including extracorporeal life support, VAD and cardiac transplantation. The popular session, Cardiomyopathies, Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Heart Failure, is expected to reward attendees again with its comprehensive, insightful and refreshing contents on the latest. End-of-Life and Advanced Support Pathways will be another topical focus as in previous years.

An important feature of this year’s meeting is a Joint Session with the British Geriatrics Society Cardiovascular Section to deliver a programme suitable for geriatricians, general practitioners, internist, cardiologists and health professionals interested in cardiogeriatrics. The occasion will be marked by the inauguration of the Asian CardioGeriatric Association, a clinical interest group and resource established to increase interactions and exchange between the cardiac and geriatric medical subspecialties. We are very pleased to have Professor Jackie Taylor grace the event with her presence.

Please have a look through our Scientific Programmes. We look forward to seeing you at APAHFF!

Erik Fung
Chairman, APAHFF Organising Committee
Assistant Professor
Division of Cardiology
Department of Medicine & Therapeutics
Faculty of Medicine, CUHK
Sek-Ying Chair
Co-Chair, APAHFF Organising Committee
Director and Professor
The Nethersole School of Nursing
Faculty of Medicine, CUHK

Victor MF Sim
Clinical Professional Consultant and Associate Director
Kai Chong Tong Clinical Skills Learning Centre
Faculty of Medicine, CUHK