Division of Rheumatology

We are devoted to delivering the highest standard of clinical care to all with rheumatic diseases. We strive for excellence in clinical, teaching and research activities.

Head of Division Prof. Lai-Shan Tam, Professor
Academic Staff and Clinical Staff Prof. Edmund K Li, Clinical Professor (honorary)
Dr. Kong-Chiu Wong, Consultant
Dr. Priscilla CH Wong, Associate Consultant
Dr. Lydia HP Tam, Resident
Research Staff Dr. Martin Li
Isaac TH Cheng
Queenie WY Mak
Steven HM Lam
Xerox SL Lau
Michelle OY Pui
Nursing Staff Tena KY Li
Emily YM Leung
Tracey WK Yu

Research Interests

  • Inflammatory bone loss and steroid induced osteoporosis
  • Premature atherosclerosis in rheumatic disease patients

Selected Publications

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