Division of Haematology

Haematology, the study of blood, is a broad-based science encompassing pathology, immunology, molecular biology and clinical medicine. Many human diseases are directly or indirectly related to abnormalities of blood cells. We work closely with the other divisions in research and clinical service.

Head of Division Dr. Raymond SM Wong, Consultant
Clinical Staff Dr. Jones CM Chan, Associate Consultant
Dr. MF Law, Associate Consultant
Dr. Carmen KM Cheung, Resident
Dr. Tommy HC Tam, Resident
Nursing Staff Lydia WK Lam
Research Staff PN Chan
Fion YF Choy
Mandy MT Poon
Candy LS Tsang

Research Interests

  • Autoimmune haematological diseases
  • Leukemias
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Thrombosis and anticoagulation therapy
  • Transfusion medicine

Selected Publications

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