Division of Geriatrics

Our Division plays a key role in the formation of the Centre of Gerontology and Geriatrics, a CUHK designated area of excellence, to carry out multidisciplinary research and postgraduate education, offering a master and diploma programme in Clinical Gerontology.

Team Leader (Academic affairs) Prof. Timothy CY Kwok, Professor
Team Leader (Geriatric services) Dr. Elsie Hui, Consultant
Members Prof. Jean Woo, Henry G. Leong Professor of Gerontology and Geriatrics
Dr. Ruby HY Yu, Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Christopher CM Lum, Consultant
Dr. Raymond SK Lo, Consultant
Dr. Kevin KH Or, Consultant
Dr. Maria WS Tang, Associate Consultant
Dr. Jenny SW Lee, Associate Consultant
Dr. Wency WS Ho, Associate Consultant
Dr. Winnie WL Ng, Associate Consultant
Dr. Bosco HM Ma, Resident Specialist
Dr. Daniel KL Yuk, Specialist Trainee

Research Interests

These include epidemiological aspects of ageing and common diseases (osteoporosis, cardiovascular and neurological diseases), public health aspects in relation to the Hong Kong population (disability and disease burden, requirements for long term institutional care), health services delivery (development and assessment of new modes of delivery, development of outcome measures and quality assurance indicators, end of life care), nutritional status (elderly population in different settings, methods of assessment, screening methods, relation to outcome measures), and nutritional requirements.

Selected Publications

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