Division of Clinical Pharmacology

We are dedicated to achieving perfection in teaching, clinical care and research in all areas of clinical pharmacology and in particular the areas of special interest which include clinical toxicology, traditional Chinese medicines and the metabolic syndrome, comprising diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, obesity and insulin resistance.

Head of Division Prof. Juliana CN Chan, Professor of Medicine
Academic Staff Prof. Juliana CN Chan, Professor of Medicine
Prof. Brian Tomlinson, Adjunct Professor
Dr. Elaine YK Chow, Clinical Lecturer
Research Academic Staff Dr. Teresa M Hu, Research Assistant Professor
Technician/Research Staff Dr. Tanya TW Chu
Dr. Benny SP Fok
Emily WM Poon
Nursing Staff
Evelyn YM Chau
Eliza CY Choy
Sven YW Ip
Karen SY Wong
Winnie MN Yeung
Postgraduate Student Lydia W Zeng
Administrative Staff Charmaine SM Lee
Theresa FP Leung


  • Drug and Poisons Information Bureau
  • Poisons Treatment Centre
  • Centre for Food and Drug Safety
  • Clinical Pharmacology Studies Unit

Research Interests

  • Pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics and ethnic differences in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of western medicines and their therapeutic use in patients with the metabolic syndrome or its components
  • Clinical trials and toxicology of western and Chinese traditional medicines
  • Food and drug safety
  • Clinical toxicology of drugs, chemicals and natural toxins
  • Gene-gene and gene-environmental interactions in the pathogenesis of hypertension, dyslipidaemia, obesity and the metabolic syndrome in Chinese
  • Quality assurance of the delivery of pharmaceutical care and its cost-effectiveness
  • Clinical pharmacy with particular emphasis on drug utilisation surveys and the pharmacist's role in the promotion of evidence-based medicine

Selected Publications

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