(Suspension in 2016-2017)
Revised on: 12 November, 2015
  1. Course Director
  2. Deputy Course Director
  3. Objectives
  4. Learning outcomes
  5. Programme of Study
  6. Schedule and Venue
  7. Teaching Faculty
  8. Assessment
  9. Admission Requirements
  10. Graduation Requirements
  11. Maximum Period of Study
  12. Fees and Application

1. Course Director

Prof. Timothy Kwok Chi Yui

2. Honorary Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Lum Chor Ming

3. Objectives

To provide a theoretical background to knowledge needed for those involved in care of elderly people in diverse settings. The programme will provide an understanding of the biological changes with age from the cellular level to the physical and psychological changes occurring to the whole person, demography, socioeconomic aspects, the concept of successful ageing, clinical aspects and service organisation. The programme will also cover the principles of epidemiology and statistics, and research methodology, in the study of the elderly.

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