The Division positions herself as one of the international centres of excellence in cardiovascular medicine. Our research team has been at the forefront of cardiovascular investigation. Studies encompass heart failure, cardiac resynchronization therapy, echocardiography, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and CT scan, pacing, electrophysiological studies and arrhythmia ablation, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, vascular imaging, coronary and peripheral vascular intervention, grown-up congenital heart disease, cardiovascular epidemiology, basic cardiovascular research as well as a number of drug and device trials. The focused effort has earned us international reputation in a number of areas in cardiovascular medicine, particularly in heart failure, echocardiography and cardiac resynchronization therapy. In 2004, we have initiated our worldwide multi-centre clinical trials in which the Chinese University of Hong Kong is the leading organising institution. The Echocardiography Core Lab capability supports multi-centre trials while various other state-of-the-art facilities bring about multidisciplinary and inter-departmental collaboration. At present, the Division organises and participates in over 50 clinical studies with the following major objectives:-

1) To evaluate the safety and therapeutic efficacy of new drugs or devices in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, which include phase I to IV studies
2) To identify new indications of currently available medications and medical devices in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
3) To improve the diagnostic and assessment efficacy of developing or newly developed cardiac technologies, e.g. new echocardiographic techniques
4) To understand the pathophysiological mechanism of various cardiovascular diseases

Some of the clinical studies are international multi-centre trials in which members of the Division participate as principal investigators, steering committee members or co-investigators; some are collaborative studies with other cardiovascular institutions worldwide, while others are regional studies organised by the Division. The results of the studies were published in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals. The Division has published over 200 international peer-reviewed publications in full papers either in print or in press, out of which 63 are first authors. Members of the Division has also written over 20 book chapters and edited 3 books as Chief Editor. Over 200 peer-reviewed abstracts in Asian journals or abstracts as proceedings in international and Asian cardiology conferences.

Our research activities represent many closely integrated, vibrant and productive efforts of our cardiovascular investigators and researchers. By participating in clinical trials, we are able to bring potentially life-saving and novel treatments to our patients. Because of our continuous commitment to cardiovascular investigation, we expect continued success and growth of this very important aspect.

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