Faculty and Staff

Head of Division

Dr. Joseph YS Chan, Consultant

Academic Staff and Clinical Staff

Prof. Cheuk-Man Yu, Professor of Medicine
Prof. Bryan PY Yan, Associate Professor
Prof. Alex PW Lee, Assistant Professor
Dr. Eugene B Wu, Consultant
Dr. Anna KY Chan, Associate Consultant
Dr. Chin-Pang Chan, Associate Consultant
Dr. Karl CY Chan, Associate Consultant
Dr. Ka-Lung Chui, Associate Consultant
Dr. Li-Li Cheung, Resident
Dr. Kevin KH Kam, Resident
Dr. Guang-Ming Tan, Resident

Research Academic Staff

Prof. John E Sanderson, Clinical Professor (honorary)
Prof. Andrew Coats, Visiting Professor (honorary)
Prof. Jing-Ping Sun, Adjunct Associate Professor
Prof. Xing-Sheng Yang, Adjunct Associate Professor
Prof. Qing Shang, Research Assistant Professor

Research Staff

The Division has a strong research team consisting of over 40 staff including cardiologists/cardiology research fellows, research nurses, basic scientist, research assistants and laboratory staff.

Administrative Staff

The administrative team supports new initiatives of the Division, and the organisation of academic and scientific conferences and workshops.



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